Vasudeva Carries Krishna To Vrndavana

Hearing the omen that the eighth child of his sister Devaki would kill him, Kamsa had Devaki and Vasudeva imprisoned. While in prison, Devaki gave birth to one child each year and Kamsa had all of them killed. Then Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, entered the womb of Devaki. Devaki gave birth to a beautiful baby, Whose four hands held a conch shell, club, disc and lotus flower; wearing yellow silk cloth, a jeweled necklace, bracelets and other ornaments; and appearing brilliant like a bright blackish cloud. Vasudeva was amazed and he understood that the Supreme Personality of Godhead had appeared as their child. Vasudeva and Devaki both offered the Lord many prayers. Lord Krishna replied, "I know that you are very concerned about Me and afraid of Kamsa. Therefore I order you to take Me immediately to Gokula [Vrndavana] and exchange Me for the daughter who has just been born to Yasoda." Then the Lord turned Himself into an ordinary child. At that time all the doorkeepers were overwhelmed with deep sleep and the palace doors automatically opened. Vasudeva carried Krishna out of the palace, and through thunder and rain. Lord Sesha spread His hoods over the head of Vasudeva to give him shelter and as Vasudeva approached the Yamuna which was roaring with waves and foam, the river Yamuna gave way for him to cross. He reached Gokula and without difficulty, he was able to exchange baby Krishna for the baby girl that had been born to Yasoda. -Summarized from Krishna Book, Chapter 3, The Birth of Lord KrishnaPainted in 1977.