The Killing of Dhenuka, The Ass Demon

When Krishna and Balarama entered the Talavan forest with their friends, Balarama immediately began yanking the trees with his strong arms, shaking all of the ripe fruits to the ground. Hearing the noise of the falling fruits, the demon Dhenukasura, who was living in the forest in the form of an ass, approached Balarama with such force that the trees shook as if there was an earthquake. He kicked Lord Balarama in the chest. Balarama did nothing, but the demon kicked him again, and Balarama caught him by the legs. With one hand He wheeled Dhenukasura around, ending his life by the violent wheeling motion. He threw the demon's body into a palm tree. At his death, all the friends and associates of Dhenukasura attacked Krishna and Balarama, seeking revenge. Krishna and Balarama killed all of them in exactly the same way. The bodies of the asses appeared to be clouds of various colors in the trees. -Summarized from Krishna Book, Chapter 15Painted in 1978.