Lord Ramachandra’s Triumphant Return to Ayodhya

When Bharat saw his brother, Rama, he fell at his feet, his eyes filled with tears, and offered Lord Rama His wooden shoes. He stood up with folded hands, and Lord Rama embraced him with both arms for a long time. The citizens of Ayodhya, seeing their king return after such a long absence, offered Him flower garlands and danced in great jubilation. Bharat carried Lord Ramachandra's wooden shoes, Sugriva and Vibhishana carried a whisk and a fan, Hanuman held a white umbrella, Satrughna carried a bow and two quivers, Angada carried a sword and Sita devi held a waterpot with holy water. As Lord Rama sat on His airplane of flowers, He appeared like the moon with the stars and planets.-Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 9, Chapter 10Painted in 1985.