Brahma Offers Obeisances to Lord Krishna

Although Lord Brahma was informed that the little cowherd boy Krishna was the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he wanted to fully understand the glories of the Lord's pastimes. He thus decided to steal the cows and cowherd boys. Lord Krishna, understanding immediately what had happened to His friends, expanded Himself as all the cows and cowherd boys, so that the mothers of His friends would not fear. When Brahma returned, Lord Krishna transformed each of them into Vishnu forms. Brahma could understand that these were in fact Vishnu Himself and not some type of mysticism. He could also understand that everything movable and nonmovable within the cosmic manifestation was existing due to the expansion of the energy of the Lord. Overwhelmed with this vision, he looked around Vrndavana, and he could appreciate that because of the presence of Krishna, that place was completely transcendental. Brahma got down from his swan airplane and offered prostrated obeisances to Lord Krishna, tears flowing from his eyes and washing the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. Brahma prayed to the Lord, "Your appearance as a cowherd child is for the benefit of the devotees, and although I have committed offenses at Your lotus feet by stealing away Your cows, boys and calves, I can understand that You have mercy upon me. That is Your transcendental quality; You are very affectionate toward Your devotees."-Summarized from Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Chapter 14 Painted in 1978.