Aghasura Eyes Krishna

Aghasura desired to kill Krishna because Krishna had killed his sister Putana, and his brother Bakasura, and he wanted revenge. Therefore, when Kamsa ordered Aghasura to go and kill Krishna, Aghasura was ready and willing. When he went to Vrndavana, he saw how happy Krishna and the cowherd boys were, playing in the forest. Aghasura became extremely envious. He could not tolerate seeing others happy. He decided to kill all the inhabitants of Vrndavana. Using his mystic powers, Aghasura took the form of a huge serpent, eight miles long. When he opened his mouth, the top part was in the sky, and the bottom part was on the ground. The cowherd boys saw the serpent and talked amongst themselves whether it was a statue or a big snake. They decided that even if it was a dangerous serpent, Krishna would surely save them. They all rushed into the mouth of Aghasura, dancing and clapping their hands. Aghasura kept his mouth open, waiting for Krishna to follow. Krishna entered and Aghasura closed his mouth. It was pitch black and all of his friends had fallen unconscious. Krishna grew and grew until he blocked all of the air for Aghasura to breathe. Aghasura tried to crush Krishna and the cowherd boys with his digestive powers, but with all his strength, he couldn't fight against Krishna's expanding. Finally when he could breathe no more, Aghasura's life air, along with his soul, exited through the top of his head. Krishna glanced upon the cowherd boys and brought them back to consciousness.Painted in 1977.