About Us

On this website, we are offering framed canvas painting of three different varieties, windows to the spiritual world, a variety of vedic art, and landscape pictures.

Our primary collection is paintings from another world. Paintings of Krishna are like windows to the spiritual world; it means that through these paintings, we are looking into the ‘real world,’ which means that within seconds we can easily be transported from this world to the spiritual world. A world where every step is a dance and every word is a song. Where Radha and Krishna have transcendental pastimes that go on eternally.

Just like Krishna is none different from His name, so when you chant the names of Krishna, He is present in that sound. In the same way, Krishna is non-different from His picture. Having a painting of Krishna in your front room would mean that He is personally present.

In this world, everything has a beginning and an end, so why not transport yourself to another world. There is no need for a passport, visa, or the expense of a galactic travel fee. Bring Krishna to your home at an affordable price.